Détresse & dividendes

2022 Dimensions 12 x 9 x 8 cm. Two metronomes are fixed one to the other, forming a sculpture on the floor. Their rhythms are extremely close, although slightly asynchronous. The rhythm of one is set at 44 bpm. It reflects the rate of psychological distress at work measured by a barometer of the polling […]

L’espace réifié est susceptible de perdurer encore

2023 Scenographic protocol The scenography of the previous show before Détresse et dividendes, presented in the Salle Principale gallery (Nuria Güell, Confinements, plans d’évasion et jouissances diverses, April 13 to July 1, 2023) has been « frozen » and reused as it was for this exhibition. The display is thus constrained by the ghost of a past […]

Scripts pour un message d’absence (partition de travail n° 5)

2023 Protocole Activated when the gallery Salle Principale was closed from July 1 to September 14, 2023, in advance of the exhibition Détresse et dividendes (Distress and Dividends), this work infiltrates the gallery’s e-mail system, proposing an automatic reply that mixes the usual formula of an absence message with considerations on the relationship to work […]

Flash Crash

2023 Protocol A flash crash refers to a sudden collapse in stock market values, lasting between a few seconds and a few minutes. The first flash crash to leave its mark was on May 6, 2010, between 2.32pm and 3.08pm (New York time). The Flash Crash piece creates a potential breach in the exhibition space’s […]


2023 Des clous – tumulte 1 (cur. Eric Watier), Arceaux, Montpellier, France, on 4/10/2023. Merci facteur ! (cur. Marc Buchy & Tiago de Abreu Pinto), BPS22, Charleroi, Belgium, from 22/09/23 to 07/01/24. Détresse & dividendes, Salle Principale, Paris, France, from 15/09 to 04/11/23. L’économie des discours (performance), Centre Tignous d’art contemporain, Montreuil, France, 8/06/23. Blank, […]