Economic Score – Soleil politique


The work Economic Score transposes a cultural economy into a musical score. For the version Economic Score: Soleil politique, the exhibition budget, including production costs and private financial support, has been transcribed as a musical score. The score will be performed on October 29, 2014, during Bolzano’s Festival of Contemporary Music. The work refers to aspects of social and economic life that, given their immaterial nature and omnipresence, escape direct perception and yet nevertheless dictate and mold attitudes, discourses, social relations, and daily activities. The ideological imprint of material production is appropriated as a medium in order to investigate the tensions of social space, along with the relation between aesthetic perception and the economic activities that govern it.

Performed by Air-Borne Ensemble, on October 29, 2014.

La pièce Economic score consiste en la transposition d’une économie culturelle en partition. La version « Soleil politique, 2014 » comprend 3 tables à utiliser conjointement dans la préparation de l’interprétation. Elle reprend le budget de l’exposition Soleil politique (commissariat Pierre Bal-Blanc), Museion, Bolzano, 26/09/2014 – 11/01/2015.

Interprétée par l’ensemble Air-Borne, le mercredi 29 octobre 2014.